The Way to Make An Ice Rink In Your Back Garden

Why don't you make an ice section of your own in your back garden!  Here's how.

First, you will have to watch the weather forecast to discover whether it's likely to be a cold enough nighttime to freeze the ice.  Basically, it ought to be zero degrees or just below freezing, preferably all night long and into the next day.

Then pick an area of the back garden or your yard where there's a dip in the ground that may create a kind of pool.  It doesn't have to be that deep, only lower than the rest of the ground.  If there isn't a place like this, you could try laying a large tarp on the ground.

Then use your garden hose to fill the low place or fill the tarp with water.  Now all you need to do is leave it through the night.  If the temperature goes below freezing, and the water isn't too deep, your ice rink ought to be frozen solid by morning.

Obviously you'll need ice skates to use your rink.  If you need adult and children skates, try some sports wear and sporting good stores, or attempt a internet store such as Flywalk at.  

Now only bundle up, grab your ice skates, and head outside to the ice rink to have fun!  If your children have never been ice skating before, you might want to place some shin and knee pads on them to safeguard their legs in case they fall down a  holding hands together with younger children until they get the hang of it. 

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